EC-Z28-C (water-soluble) 

 Cost effective, highly formulated inhibitor – 85% activity 

 Effective in CO2 and H2S environments 

 Very versatile – pipeline, gas transmission, oil well production, gas well treatment, etc. 


EC-4002-C (oil-soluble, water dispersible) 

 Thermally stable 

 Eliminates rust emulsion problems 

 Excellent film forming properties 

 Designed for oil and gas systems only 


EC-4007-C (oil-soluble, highly water dispersible) 

 Thermally stable 

 Eliminates rust emulsion problems 

 Excellent filming amine used as a multi-phase corrosion inhibitor 

 Designed for oil and gas systems only 

EC-6021-C (oil-soluble) 

 Refinery/overhead corrosion inhibitor 

 Excellent non-emulsifying properties 

 Severe water-tolerance specifications 

 Effective at high temperatures 


EC-1325-C (Hydrogen Sulfide) 

 Oil soluble, non-triazine based scavenger 

 Effective in gathering lines, transmission lines, vapor overheads and refineries  

 Effective additive to corrosion inhibitors and surfactants to control microorganisms 


 EC-1375-C (Hydrogen Sulfide) 

  For use in wet or dry pipelines 

 Effective corrosion inhibition properties 

 Water soluble 

 Effective in continues injection systems as well as contact tower applications 

EC-1340-C (Oxygen Scavenger) 

 Oil field and water treatment applications 

 Non-catalyzed 

 For use in fresh water and brine 

 Minimizes the production of solids  



 Multi-purpose product 

 Designed for refinery desalting 

 Works rapidly to remove entrained salts 

 Excellent oil/water separation in wide range of oils 

 Effective in treating tank bottoms 

 Works in paraffinic and asphaltic crudes 



 Organic phosphonate 

 Water and brine soluble 

 Excellent thermal stability 

 May be used alone or formulated into combination product. 



 Modified and fortified phosphate ester 

 Soluble in most oil field brines 

 Formulate to tolerate higher temperatures 


EC-3440-C (Acid Job) 

 Well stimulation 

 Enhance acid job performance  

 Suited for temperatures up to 300°F 


EC-7001-C (Paraffin) 

 Polymeric wax crystal modifier/PP depressant/paraffin inhibitor 

 Helps eliminate paraffin deposits 

 Can be used in conjunction with other inhibitors, depressants and solvents 

 Helps reduce filtration time for bright stocks and increase yield 


EC-7005-C (Paraffin) 

 Reduces pour point and pumpability of wide range of crudes, distillates and residual fuel oils 

 Excellent crystal modifier 

 Can be combined with paraffin solvents and dispersants 

 Effective in treating tank bottoms 


EC-7009-C (Asphaltene) 

 Eliminates agglomeration of asphaltenes 

 Effective in oil and gas handling systems 

 Designed for continuous injection systems